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The beginning... 

Zoe left the of world finance with a desire to find a more rewarding and ethical path. Tea has always been a passion for her as is supporting smaller, local businesses.

So, as a way of bringing the two together, she began her journey by hand-blending loose leaf tea into her own unique flavours and selling them at local farmers markets. Her teas got such a great reception from customers that Zoe decided to expand and sell her teas through other businesses. 







 To now...

Fast forward a few years and we now have a whole range of delicious teas that are sold to households all around the UK as well as in shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. More recently, our tea successes have made it overseas to Ghana and we're excited to see where it will take us next.





“Our plan this year is to keep growing whilst maintaining our brand's ethical values. This doesn’t just mean only working with local businesses, we want to share our tea across the globe.” Zoe