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Chung Hao

About Jasmine Chung Hao Loose Leaf Tea

Chung Hao is a luxury green tea infused with the essence of jasmine blossoms. The tealeaves are typically distinguished by their regal silver tips and the jasmine petals are filtered out after the drying process, leaving behind their fine flavour and fragrance. Rich in anti-oxidants and similar complimentary components, this cup combines the hale and hearty properties of China’s green tea with a far superior taste in comparison to some of its less refined counterparts.



The tender taste of jasmine colours this regal green tea.


The fragrance of jasmine blossoms and fresh, herbal green tea


In the cup, Chung Hao is a pale green. The leaves are often marked by their silver tips. 

Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using one teaspoon per cup (being roughly 250mls of water).
  • Steep in hot, but not boiling, water (80-90°C) for approximately 2 minutes.
  • Sugar or honey may be added according to preference.
  • This tea should not be taken with milk.