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About Jagertea Loose Leaf Tea

‘Jagertee’ normally denotes a spicy blend of black tea and rum, popular in the chilly alpine ranges of Central Europe. However, the Kettle Shed’s Jagertea offers a hearty alternative to all that caffeine and alcohol. Instead of black tea and rum, ours is made with rooibos (red bush), fruits and spices to capture all the flavour of Jagertee.

This ‘Hunter’s Tea’, as it translates, is rich in wholesome anti-oxidants and a superlative sidekick during the winter cold, whether you’re tired after skiing or simply tired of the weather.


A smooth, rooibos permutation of Europe’s unique ‘Jagertee’ flavour. Spicy suggestions of fruit zest and cinnamon abound. 


A warm, spicy rooibos aroma with fruit notes. 


In the cup, this tea possesses an orange-brown hue. 

Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using one tablespoon per cup.
  • Steep in boiling (100°C) water for 5 – 8 minutes.
  • Sugar or honey may be added according to preference.
  • Milk is rarely added to rooibos teas. 
  • For a more authentic jagertee experience, you could try adding a modicum of particularly stern rum.