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English Breakfast

About Finest English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

Since the early 1900’s rich, strong English Breakfast Tea blends have been helping us rise and shine. As a blended tea, the ingredients often include Ceylon, Assam and Kenya leaves; however, here at the Kettle Shed we prefer a traditional mix of high quality Ceylon and Darjeeling for a superior flavour. 

Without at least one variety of English Breakfast a tea house would be reduced in stature to a mere café (and many a puffy-eyed Englishman would be reduced to a permanent component of his own bed). So whether you want to wake up the right way, get over a hangover or beat those mid-afternoon blues, choose our finest English Breakfast brews.


 A light, rich tea which combines the strong, fresh flavour of Ceylon with the smooth undertones of Darjeeling. Unusually delicate for an English Breakfast blend.


A hint of sweetness underpins a mild, nutty fragrance.


This tea exhibits a deep orange-brown colour when poured which turns to a pale brown with milk.


Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using approximately one to two teaspoons per cup (15-18grams per litre).
  • Use boiling water (100°C) and pour as soon as the kettle has finished.
  • The leaves should be steeped for three to five minutes, the longer the steeping the stronger the tea.
  • As with all black teas, if left to brew for too long it will become bitter (or ‘stewed’).
  • Best enjoyed with a dash of milk and, if you have a sweet tooth, sugar.