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Four Seasons

About Vietnamese 'Four Seasons' Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

This staunch, rolled oolong delivers a smooth, piquant taste along with a fabulous fragrance. The verdant, green promise of superior refreshment unfolds like the leaves as they brew. Harvested from 25 year-old bushes (originally from Taiwan), this tea is plucked six to eight times throughout the year, earning it the name ‘Four Seasons’.


A silky malt flavour, wholesome and very refreshing.


Naturally strong scent with herbal overtones.


As the balled oolong unrolls the water turns deep green in the cup.

Brewing Instructions

  • This tea is best brewed with one tablespoon (1.5grams) per 100ml cup.
  • Steep in hot (80-90°C) water for 1 - 2 minutes.
  • Avoid using fully boiled water (100°C) for Four Seasons.
  • This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold since cooling does not cause it to become bitter.
  • Intense flavour notwithstanding, sugar or honey may be added according to personal preference.
  • For a stronger cup, use more leaves but do not lengthen the brewing time.