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About China Keemun Congou Loose Leaf Tea

In China’s illustrious Anhui province, only the tastiest teas triumph. This particularly fine example of the ‘Keemun’ variety (an anglicisation of its region of origin, Qimen) is a tea to rival any of India’s finest offerings. The dark red hue of its brew and its complex flavour has earned it the nickname ‘The Burgundy of Teas.’ Keemun comes highly recommended as an introduction to the noble ranks of Chinese Tea.


All sorts going on here. A malty tang with floral notes and a definite underlying sweetness produce a winey flavour that lives up to its ‘Burgundy of Teas’ moniker.  


A mellow, floral aroma with a teasing hint of fruit. 


Keemun is distinguished by its slender, tightly curled jet-black leaves which brew into a rich and unique coppery-red colour. 


Brewing Instructions

  • Standard black tea rules apply. One teaspoon of leaves per cup (or per person if using a pot).
  • Add freshly boiled water (100°C). 
  • Steep for 2-4 minutes. Steeping overlong begets a ‘stewed’ brew. 
  • Serve with optional milk and sugar to suit preference.