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Dragon Phoenix

About China Jade Jasmine Pearls (Dragon Phoenix) Loose Leaf Tea

This luxury tea is also known as ‘Phoenix Dragon Pearls’ because it combines the wholesome strength of green tea (or ‘the dragon’) with the aromatic splendour of jasmine flowers (represented by ‘the phoenix’).

The jasmine blossoms are blended and rolled with the tea three times before they are removed. This special process dates back around 900 years and imbues the tea with the sweet flavour and delicate fragrance of jasmine. The leaves are then rolled into tight balls (or ‘pearls’) which slowly unravel as the tea brews, releasing their unique essence.


A clean, wonderfully smooth drink which possesses a refreshing sweetness.


The exquisite perfume of jasmine blossoms dominates this heady scent.


As the pearls unfurl they give the water a pale, yellowy-green hue.


Brewing Instructions

  • Use 2-4grams of pearls per 250ml of water.
  • The water should be between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius, we recommend 87°C.
  • Steep the pearls in the water for 2-4minutes. 
  • For an aesthetically enjoyable experience, use a glass or transparent teapot to watch the pearls open and float.