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Pai Mu Tan

About China Pai Mu Tan Loose Leaf Tea

Grown at a dizzying altitude of five-thousand feet (1,500metres) in the mountainous province of Fujian, this luxurious Chinese tea has been only slightly fermented before drying. Pai Mu Tan is also named ‘White Peony’ for the regal, silvery colouration of its fine blossoms and enticing peony aroma. Richer in taste than its popular white tea counterpart, Yin Zhen (Sliver Needle), Pai Mu Tan is a mellow, sophisticated mix of herbal and fruit flavours.



 A mild, refined tea with gentle undertones of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts followed by a sweet aftertaste.


Fragrant fruit essences define the mellow peony scent of Pai Mu Tan.


The tea infuses a pale, translucent yellow tint into the water.


Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using roughly 1 teaspoon per cup.
  • Steep in hot water (70-80°C) for one to two minutes. Do not use boiling water as it will spoil the tea.
  • This tea can be steeped up to four times, becoming softer and sweeter with subsequent infusions.