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Mao Jian

About China Super Mao Jian Loose Leaf Tea

This fine, light tea provides clean, bright refreshment at any time of day. Somewhat bizarrely, ‘Mao Jian’ translates as ‘hairy tip’, although the leaves themselves are tightly rolled, darkest-green leaves with no apparent hairstyles to speak of. The best thing about China Super Mao Jian is its ability to please irrespective of mood; it is the all-round green tea of choice if you can’t decide exactly what you want at the time.



A bracingly fresh herbal flavour distinguishes this tea. Sugary, floral overtones neatly contrast the dryer, grassy taste common to green teas.


The usual floral fragrance of green tea is cleverly counterpointed in Mao Jian by sweet sappy scents which give the beverage its complex odour.


A majestic, golden green hue infuses this delicate liquor.

Brewing  Instructions

  • We recommend using around 15-18grams per litre, or 3 grams per cup.Steep in hot water (70-80°C) for two to three minutes.
  • Do not use boiling water as it will spoil the tea.
  • Here is an economic (hairy) tip: the flavour of Super Mao Jian can survive being steeped twice, so you can reuse these leaves by adding more water. 
  • Sometimes sugar or honey is added according to personal preference.