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About Japan Sencha Kakegawa Loose Leaf Tea

Japan is famed for cultivating the best green teas in the world and Sencha, produced by the city of Kakegawa, is no exception. A superb choice for the green tea novice, Sencha is intense, tangy and refreshing. Using Sencha in a Japanese Tea Ceremony tends to mark events of personal importance, whilst events of life-changing proportion would usually be accompanied by the more potent Matcha.



A piquant yet refined flavour with a strong, grassy aftertaste. 


Light, sweet and naturally fresh.


This tea produces a deep green colour when brewed. 


Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using one teaspoon per cup (being roughly 250mls of water).
  • Steep in hot, but not boiling, water (60-70°C) for 2 -5 minutes.
  • Sugar or honey may be added according to preference.
  • This tea should not be taken with milk.