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Pine Needles

About Pine Needles Loose Leaf Tea

This is the Kettle Shed’s gourmet version of the well-known Yinzhen (or ‘Silver Needle’) tea, named so for its long, silver-green leaves. A shade darker and a touch dryer than most Silver Needle teas, ours is perfect for those who enjoy the dry taste of green tea as well as the subtle, sweet flavour of white tea. Only closed or half-opened buds from Fujian Province, China, are selected to produce a delicate, refined beverage.


Light, smooth and refreshing. A subtle harshness and suggestion of nut balance this tea’s natural sweetness.


A very gentle, smoky fragrance.


This tea is characterised by a faint, pale yellow tint in the cup.

Brewing Instructions

  • We recommend using approximately one teaspoon per cup (15-18grams per litre).
  • Heat water to 70-80°C, avoid using boiling water as this will spoil the tea.
  • The leaves should be steeped in the water for one to two minutes, the longer the steeping the stronger the tea.
  • Best enjoyed without milk or sugar
  • Allowing the tea to cool will not detract from the flavour, indeed, there are those that prefer Silver Needle cold. 
  • Some aficionados report that adding a small amount of jasmine can delicately compliment the beverage. 
  • Whatever you do, don't skimp on the tea as Silver Needle brews best with more leaves than most white teas. You will be able to brew the same leaves 3 or even 4 times with no perceptible loss in quality or strength.