Kick start the new year and the new you with Matcha green tea!

Hands up. Who’s feeling like they over indulged this Christmas? Too much sherry and chocolates? Lots of sitting around watching films? We hear you! At The Kettle Shed, we’re certainly feeling like we ate too many mince pies but we know just the cure, Matcha Green Tea! It’s the perfect way to detox post Christmas and to give you and the new year a healthy kick start!


Health Benefits

But why is it so good? Well, as with any green tea, the drinker can expect to benefit from the wide range of antioxidants that come in every cup. But matcha tea is quite special when it comes to the levels of antioxidants. With approximately 15 times more antioxidants than most green teas, matcha is a super-strong toxin-killing tea that will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. This delicious and delightfully green tea has some great energy boosting properties that give you that burst you need to feel better and get on with your day. What’s more is this tea is an excellent calorie burner too, and that’s something most of us will want to make use of. Add the calorie burning effect on top of the energy boost, and it’s likely you’ll burn a few more calories than you would if you drank an energy drink.


match green tea


Matcha Tea Origins

Although matcha tea is considered to be a fairly new product in the western world, it has in fact been drunk in Japan for a very long time. Taken from China to Japan almost one thousand years ago, it is rumoured a Zen Monk by the name of Eisai brought the tea seeds to Japan. Since then, Zen Buddha’s have drunk matcha tea to help them focus while they meditate. As well as introducing matcha tea to Japan, Eisai also introduced some Zen philosophies, and some became intertwined with drinking this wonderful tea. Specific preparation and drinking rituals were undertaken in The Way of Tea, which was an important ceremony at that time.


How to drink it

Matcha tea cannot be drunk in the same way as other teas because of its flavour and antioxidant properties. To ensure you enjoy your cuppa perfectly, read the following instructions:

1. Warm your mug or cup with got water before pouring the water away. Make sure you also warm you utensils too as it will help to prevent the tea from cooling too quickly.

2. Add around 3 grams of matcha powder per 150 ml of water to you cup/mug.

3. Boil your water and allow it to cool slightly.

4. Add enough the hot water to your cup/mug to just cover the powder and whisk in a forwards and backwards motion so a paste is formed.

5. Add the remaining hot water and continue to stir the tea until you have a smooth and frothy consistency.

6. Make sure you visit our TV page for more ways to enjoy matcha tea.

Top Tip! When you drink this tea, you should ideally sip it, this will make sure you avoid the crash you would usually get with caffeinated drinks. Sipping the tea will also give you more time to enjoy the smooth velvety flavour that has an adorable leafy essence.

The Kettle Shed Matcha Green Tea is £30 + free postage throughout January.



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Putting the tea swirl in samba

We’re absolutely delighted to be stocking our tea at the fabulous Samba Swirl, a delicious frozen yoghurt shop based in 4 locations across London.

samba swirl chiswick


Samba Swirl isn’t just about frozen yoghurt; they have the perfect cure for all those winter blues! With a range of hot drinks and speciality teas, cold pressed juices and sweet treat combinations in their new “signature” drinks menu, there is something for everyone. From a herbal and spicy hot-toddy to delicious red velvet or carrot cake, this is the perfect place to escape on a cold, winter day.

Run by Lyndsey and David, the duo set up Samba Swirl after a trip to America where they came hooked on frozen yoghurt. Coming back to the UK to find no such alternative, they started on a quest to find out what makes the highest quality frozen yoghurt. Being led to Italy, the home of gelato, the team developed and refined their innovative yoghurt range and in 2011 set up the first self service frozen yoghurt shop in the UK.

samba swirl store london


And what a success it has been! Now with shops in Battersea, Camden, Chiswick and Islington, Samba Swirl has expanded to include a range of delicious drinks and scrumptious snacks as well as their signature frozen yoghurt. We are so pleased for our speciality teas to join the samba party!




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What is the difference between loose leaf & tea bags?

What is loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf are large loose tea leaves that are stored usually in a tea tin and then served in one of our tea infusers. You can choose how little or how much tea you would like in your drink.

loose leaf tea

What are Fuso tea bags?

Fuso tea bags are triangular type tea bags. The triangular or pyramid shape improves the liquidity of the tea leaves when they come in contact with hot water and allow for prompt extraction, which means stronger tastier tea! A benefit of our fuso tea bags is that they are biodegradable, which means they are capable of being decomposed by the action of biological agents, especially bacteria. Material that, left to itself, will be decomposed by natural processes. Note: The use of biodegradable packaging is supposed to reduce the volume of waste in landfills. So, each time you buy tea online in the UK from us you are helping the environment rather than buying from standard supermarket vendors where their tea bags result in them clogging up landfill!

cheeky charlie kettle shed tea

In actual fact, there is not a lot of difference between our loose leaf tea and our fuso bags as we pick the highest quality tea leaves and ingredients so in both instances you get big tasty tea leaves. The only difference is, with loose leaf you can choose exactly how much tea you require and add it to one of our infusers yourself rather than us adding the tea to our fuso tea bags. Both fuso tea bags and loose leaf tea comes in 6 different forms of tea.

Green Tea

White Tea

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

Fruit Tea

Herbal Tea

Matcha tea

The main thing to consider is, if you want a slightly fuller tastier tea and have a bit more time to pick bigger leaves out of your container and give loose leaf tea a chance to steep for a few extra minutes, then loose leaf is the way forward. If you want a quicker brew then fuso tea bags is the one for you! Coming up soon on the blog, we are going to go deep into a real issue regarding quality of tea in the UK tea world.



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Give Kettle Shed tea this Christmas!

Tea makes a perfect present at Christmas and we have lots of gorgeous brews for everyone’s taste buds!


kettle shed tea

For the guys out there, why not try Kick-In Coco, which is delicious with or without milk. Alternatively, Tutti Frutti is a treat on the eyes with it’s colourful  infusion of tropical fruits. Both are great winter drinks!

kick In Coco tea


Darjeeling is known as “the champagne of teas”, so why not pick up our uniquely blended, Dargeeling Darling to enjoy on Christmas day. It’s available as a loose-leaf tea and also in biodegradable fuso bags. To make that gift extra special, don’t forget to check out our tea infusers too!

darjeeling darling tea


For those ready to kick start the year with a healthy detox, try our Matcha green tea. It’s a fantastic energy booster, calorie burner and is the perfect antidote to post-lunch lethargy.


green tea kettle shed


If there are too many to choose from, why not pick up a delightful hamper instead! This is the perfect gift for any tea lover and you get to choose the teas. Your selection comes in a snap shut box, with white ribbon, so it’s all ready to give as a present.

kettle shed teas

Don’t forget, there is still free postage on everything at The Kettle Shed!



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A Kettle Shed tea themed wedding

kick-in coco tea

We love a good wedding, especially one with a theme. So, when Kate and Laura got in touch to say they were having an “Afternoon tea” theme using The Kettle Shed tea, we were delighted and promptly put the kettle on to celebrate!

wedding photo

Marrying at Ladore Falls Hotel in the Lake District, Kate and Laura treated their guests to an afternoon tea in the Garden Suite. Each table was named after a different Kettle Shed tea, with a beautiful bag of loose leaf tea as wedding favours for the guests. Laura had even hand written descriptions of the teas for every guest. What a wonderful touch!

wedding table layout

We were over the moon to be shown the beautiful photos of the big day by Derwent Photography, including snaps of the stunning afternoon tea themed tables.

darjeeling darling tea

tea wedding

Huge congratulations to the beautiful ladies, Kate and Laura, from all of us at The Kettle Shed!

laura and kate

Fancy a tea themed wedding? Why not get in touch to find the perfect tea for your big day!

The Kettle Shed tea featured at Kate and Laura’s wedding included:

Bang on Breakfast

Epic Earl

Kick-in Coco

Tutti Frutti

Darjeeling Darling

Jasmine’s Jewels

Lemon Zing



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rym 4 rym 3  






 Chiswicks ‘vinyl’ cafe has now opened on Arlington Park Corner 

Owner Ann Khoshabam,   who ran the Cinnamon Cafe in Pitshanger Lane, Ealing,  saw the potential of this building and took on the challenge,  bringing Chiswick its first Vinyl cafe.

The cafe sells second had vinyl records, along with Kettle Shed Tea, Union Coffee and a selection of paninis, croissants and homemade cakes which are just yummy!

The music is old vinyl,  played on a record player and sounds amazing, you can take your own play and buy retro records, great for presents and great place to hang out and drink amazing Tea!

rym 5

Rhythm & Brews, has already been visited by Anthony McPartlin (one half of Ant and Dec) members of the Wasps rugby team. Bonnie Langford and Hugh Grant to name a few…





The Kettle Shed Tea vs Bog standard Supermarket tea.

As we said in our last blog about ‘The Difference between our Fuso tea bags & loose leaf tea’ we are going to go in to detail about our fuso tea bags and the difference between ‘bog standard supermarket tea bags’

We hope this blog really highlights the point of buying tea online from us, the health benefits, how it is environmentally friends, cost effective and an all-round better choice!

Let’s start with supermarket tea. The loose tea in a generic supermarket brand tea bag is generally smaller or broken leaves and in very cheap tea bags that is practically a powder. This leads to loose tea leaves becoming broken or crushed, when this happens the essential oils in the leaf, which give the flavour to tea, are destroyed. Which generally means a tasteless average cup of tea.

Our mesh infusers are the perfect size to let your

whole-leaf tea expand, releasing those delicious flavours,  which means a better rounded tea

Our fuso bags also help the environment as they are biodegradable so don’t swamp waste fills like our lower quality friends at the supermarket do.

The good points of buying tea online from us:

– Fuller tea leaves rather than powder, so you get more for your money in each tea bag.

– A mesh triangular fuso tea bag means more room for the leaves to

expand for a better, stronger tasting tea.

– Bio degradable fuso bag means great for the environment.

– Each box of our fuso bags bought equals a  cup of tea donated to UK homeless charities.

We hope this has highlighted the major benefits of buying tea from us, have a look at our full range here at or follow us on social media.