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Mind, Body, Spirit

Helping yogi’s unwind even further with a cup of our delicious tea, is the Kettle Shed’s new partnership with yoga studio FLY London.  We are delighted they are our newest stockist.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea

Fiona – Head of Yoga

As we know, Yoga synchronises breath and body and helps to create energy, which in turn increases overall health and wellbeing.

Fly London offer a variety of classes with this in mind and have been created by some of the best talents in the yoga world.

Mental Health Awareness week has highlighted how taking care of your mind alongside the body and spirit is vitally important.

At the Kettle Shed we stock teas to help you do just that.  Unwinding over a hot cup of tea is soothing for the soul –

Here are two of our most beneficial tea’s for supporting the mind and the body.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea

Sleepy head is a floral infusion designed to relax the body and mind. Gentle, soothing chamomile with hints of honey sweetness and paired with tangy elderflower and fragrant lavender. Traditionally used to ease stress and insomnia, this tea imparts a moment of repose.

Drink by boiling freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and enjoy without milk. Parcelled in our special loose-leaf Fuso bags which are biodegradable, our mesh infusers are the perfect size to let whole leaf tea expand, releasing those delicious flavours for your delectation.


Matcha, which is occasionally spelled ‘Maccha’, is a finely ground green tea synonymous with the Japanese Tea Ceremony known as ‘Chado’.

As the most potent of green teas (at around fifteen times the strength of its counterparts), it was originally reserved for Japanese royalty and religious dignitaries. However, thanks to its fantastic antioxidant properties, it has become increasingly popular amongst health-conscious Western tea drinkers. Some of the health benefits include energy boosts, calorie burning and an overall body detox.

Unlike most teas, this simultaneously sweet and astringent tea is best enjoyed by drinking with long sips. Its high dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals have been proven to significantly increase energy whilst avoiding the ‘crash’ associated with more caffeinated beverages, making it both a perfect start to the day or an antidote to post-lunch lethargy.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea

An interesting and informative article by the Jupital explains further in depth the health benefits of Matcha green tea.




Swapee Your Coffee!

Let’s get straight into it: here at the Kettleshed, #WeGiveACup, participate in giveaways and charity fundraisers, are environmentally AND health conscious!  We know that too much coffee can have several negative side effects on our bodies and studies have shown it’s not as good for you as tea (or as yummy in our opinion). So, WE challenge YOU to SWAP YOUR COFFEE!


Now, if you’re a little reliant on your caffeine, your swap doesn’t have to be to something that will wake you up less or not give you that boost you feel from your morning coffee. And don’t feel as though you need to jump in the deep end and give up coffee altogether – if you drink three cups a day, for instance, maybe start by changing one of those. If you’re stuck for swapping ideas, you’re in luck!

Here are 3 of our top suggestions:

  1. Kettleshed’s Pick Me Up Tea

Our Pick Me Up really is what it says on the tin (or the recycled cardboard, we should say!), a truly beneficial beverage that will perk you up perfectly. Great for when you are feeling lethargic, bloated or a little under the weather, Pick Me Up is a perfect blend of peppermint, spearmint and liquorice and a MUCH healthier alternative to a morning coffee. Super quick and easy to make, Pick Me Up can be slowly sipped over the morning newspaper or popped in a takeaway cup and enjoyed on the way to work. Either way, it’s sure to wake you up and make you smile!


  1. Ginger Wellness Shot

Perfect for a super speedy morning fix, this energy shot will give you a great boost and is full of delicious, natural ingredients. We found a fabulous and easy recipe to follow on The Edgy Veg Youtube channel – its worth checking out.

Ingredients (for a weeks’ worth)
– 2 handfuls of ginger, cut into chunks
– 4 juiced oranges (or shop-bought orange juice works fine)
– 2 green apples, cut into chunks
– 1 lemon, juiced
– 1 tsp – 1 tbsp of turmeric (depending on your taste buds)

– Pop all of the ingredients into your blender
– Sieve to get rid of any lurking lumps
– Voila! Pop into your fridge to distribute into shot glasses for one serving per day. Delicious!LEMON&GINGER

  1. Matcha Latte

Strong and sweet, Matcha is high in antioxidants and vitamins and is known for being a great source of energy as well as a calorie-burner. This latte is creamy, smooth and makes an excellent alternative to a morning coffee or a great afternoon beverage! To watch a Matcha Latte creator in action, check out our Youtube Channel!

-200ml milk of your choice
– ½ tsp matcha
– Boiling water

– Pop half a teaspoon of Matcha into your cup/glass
– Pour in a little boiling water – enough to cover your Matcha
– Mix with an whisk
– Whisk your milk too, to make it creamy and frothy
– Pour on top of your matcha and enjoy!


So, there you have it, a few delicious and healthy alternatives to your morning coffee. Remember, drinking too much coffee can lead to headaches, insomnia and digestive problems, and doesnt have nearly as many of the health benefits of certain teas. So please, give our alternatives a go and check out the for our full range of scrumptious loose leaf teas today!

Tea and coffee – in the Kettleshed‘s opinion – is a key element to any overnight stay, whether that be in a swanky five-star hotel room, cosy glamping pod or unique apartment. And whether guests have spent a long day travelling to their destination, shopping, or even catching up on zzzs, having the opportunity to pop the kettle on in the comfort of your own room is nothing short of an absolute necessity. But what makes a great hotel room cuppa? What brands are on offer? And why? Here at the Kettleshed, we decided to do a little digging …

We spoke to the owner of Hill Farm and Orchard, Susan Nash, who informed me that her and co-owner Tom decided to stock their wigwams and glamping pods with a state of the art coffee machine and Nespresso pods as well as an assortment of teas. These vary from herbal, green and regular breakfast flavours, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The reasons for this? As  Susan stated “It’s nice for people to be able to sit down and enjoy a good cup of tea in the comfort of their wigwam, and we like to provide variety to suit everyone’s needs.”

Based at the edge of Buckinghamshire, Hill Farm and Orchard offer luxury glamping accommodation (one even has a jacuzzi!) in a beautiful, serene landscape at very reasonable prices. To learn more click here.


Further afield in Cornwall lies the beautifully restored seaside houses known as Antionia’s Pearls. Speaking to the wonderful Antonia herself, she informed us that her choice of organic teas and coffees gives her a chance to showcase how carefully she  chooses products for the benefit of her guests.

She also added that “I’d like my guests to feel as though they are the first person to ever stay” and prides herself on the quality of all aspects of her seaside homes.

Based in Charlestown, Antionia’s Pearls offer luxury in absolute privacy, with spa and gourmet dining options available too – very fancy! To learn more about their range of accommodations and prices click here

We also contacted a few of the better known hotels in London and found that they tend to only stock a range of teas and coffees that are mostly from the bigger, named brands with their choices being because of convenience and price, with basic flavours such as Breakfast and Earl Grey. One of the hotels which took a different approach and actually stocked a lesser mainstream brand was Ampersand Hotel which their guests very much appreciated.

This came as a bit of a surprise to us – surely a hotel would want their guests to have a unique, relaxing experience when visiting? And surely that means supplying delicious and out-of-the-ordinary tea and coffee? As a brand, Kettleshed is a perfect and unique addition to any style of accommodation, whether it be soft and luxurious, rustic and outdoorsy, or even themed! Both  our loose leaf  and tea pyramids  are healthy and delicious and being able to offer loose leaf tea and biodegradable tea pyramids as opposed to run-of-the-mill teabags gives an edge to an accommodation and adds a memorable touch for the guests.

Loose leaf tea has grown immensely in popularity in the UK in the past few decades and has always been popular worldwide, particularly in places such as China and Japan. The environmentally conscious guest will appreciate our biodegradable tea pyramids as well and the fact that all of the Kettleshed’s exterior packaging is made from recycled cardboard. As a smaller, London-based brand, the Kettleshed’s quality loose leaf tea would add a luxurious and well-thought touch to a London hotel, or indeed any accommodation anywhere in the UKBLOG_PIC_TEST2

‘ You need to offer the room amenities that matter most to travellers, and they need to be Top Quality’ – Trivago, Hotel Managers Blog, April 2017

We couldn’t agree more with the Trivago blog! With tea being the second most frequently consumed beverage worldwide, it is of upmost importance that hoteliers choice of tea and coffee for their rooms and restaurants stand out from the crowd and impress their guests. If you are looking for a new tea supplier, our quality loose leaf tea is the perfect option.

For further details on our range please contact us below.

Phone: 0203 665 54 45





How We Give A Cup!

As you probably know, one thing that makes the Kettleshed stand out from the crowd is our compassion and enthusiasm for making a difference. That’s why, as well as our packaging and tea bags being environmentally friendly, every time our tea is purchased we donate to a proportion to homeless shelters. #WeGiveACup

Helping others has always been a priority for our founder Zoe. She has embedded her ethical and proactive views within the foundations of the company itself, and it is of great importance to all of us here at the Kettleshed that our charitable work continues. Zoe often likes to deliver the tea donations directly to shelters herself to see the difference the extra help can make. #GivingACup


Streetlink is an organisation which connects rough sleepers to local services. They have  a website, mobile app and phone line which people can use to alert outreach services if they see a homeless person sleeping rough.  Organisations like Streetlink are vital in helping those in need and together with donations and operations such as #WeGiveACup, a difference can really be made to those sleeping rough and to help support the vital work of homeless shelters.

Homeless shelters are crucial in supporting those who are living on the streets with no access to basic necessities like a wash facilities or a warm place to sleep.  It goes without saying that those of us using the shelters truly need all the help and guidance possible: did you know that people living on the street are 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence?

Homeless people are also 9 times more likely to take their own life than those living in a stable household.


These statistics are crushing. Homelessness is a serious problem in the UK, and here at the Kettleshed we can only be grateful that we are fortunate enough to be able to help, even in a small way. So please remember, next time you are buying one of our delicious products, not only are you going to receive some delicious tea, but you are also helping those in need; together we all #GiveACup. Thank you for your continued support.


All photos used are courtesy of Streetlink.

If you would like to support Streetlink, please click here.

If you would like to report a person sleeping rough to Streetlink via their website, please click here.

Streetlink’s twitter

Streetlink’s facebook is the source of the statistics mentioned and is a helpful, informative website should you like to research/help with homelessness further.

Welcome to the shed, Bufala Di Londra!

Another exciting partnership has emerged – Kettleshed tea is now being stocked at Bufala Di Londra!

A beautiful artisan pizza restaurant, Bufala Di Londra prepares and serves freshly made pizzas with a variety of toppings to please the fussiest of eaters. AND you can now enjoy a delicious cup of our finest tea along with your dinner/lunch – yum!

bufala 3

Bufala Di Londra’s menu includes a range of starters and sides such as cheese and meat platters, salads and olives starting at just £2.50 in price – tasty and affordable! Desserts include plenty of yummy gelato flavours, and as well as Kettleshed tea, beverages available are beers, cocktails and a variety of soft drinks. Of course, then there’s the exquisite pizza! As well as standard toppings, extras are available to add/take away as you please – some tasty examples include garlic, rocket and truffle oil – all of which would pair perfectly with a nice hot Kettleshed cuppa!

bufala 2

Bufala Di Londra states: ‘From the way we prepare, stretch and bake our dough to the careful sourcing of our ingredients, we believe that we can deliver a beautiful handcrafted product to your table.’

Along with a lovely warm atmosphere and gorgeous food, Bufala Di Londra also offers the option to takeaway; so if you fancy a pizza and cuppa on the go, this place is perfect! We are so excited to be stocked in this cosy restaurant, and hope you pop in when you’re next in Crouch End to get a real authentic pizza experience!

bufala 1

Bufala Di Londra
18 Topsfield Parade Crouch End
London, United Kingdom


Maeve’s Joint Sponsor Event With Bang Curry!

We are super proud to have been a joint sponsor for Maeve’s Supper Club event on 5th March! Along with Bang CurryThe Kettleshed was involved in providing items at the event as well as contributing to the raffle prizes. It was a brilliant night of celebration, delicious food, and of course great tea


Maeve’s Magical Journey is a charity, run by Maeve’s mother. Maeve is a young girl diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy, a disability which effects movement. Obviously, this was initially devastating news for Maeve and her family, however Maeve is a fighter – with her determination and positive outlook, she has come along leaps and bounds. Maeve’s parents would love for their daughter not to be reliant on walking aid; for this reason, they are currently fundraising for an operation for Maeve called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR). This operation is not available on the NHS and would give Maeve her best chance at walking.

maeve 2

Maeve’s Supper Club was held at the Red Lion in Brightwell; a beautiful venue for a beautiful event. We enjoyed an explosion of colour, delicious drinks, an array of amazing dishes and carnival atmosphere for the ‘Holi’ themed Supper Club. Greeted with a welcome cocktail, we were then served an incredible Indian feast, courtesy of the fabulous kitchen staff, along with guest chef Malcolm Emery. The suggested donation of £20 was worth every penny, and of course contributed to a brilliant cause.

The raffle held at the event had some truly lovely prizes up for grabs – including some of our finest Kettleshed tea! Overall, we had a fabulous evening attending Maeve’s Supper Club and were chuffed to be named joint sponsor of the event.

You can learn more about Maeve’s Magical Journey here and donate to the cause here.

Check out our joint sponsor Bang Curry’s Facebookwebsitetwitter and Instagram.

Welcome, The Playground Theatre!

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome aboard The Playground Theatre as our new partner!

The unique and creative Playground Theatre works with emerging and established artists in the UK and globally; seating up to 150 people, with a lovely cafe/bar and many exciting upcoming productions, you can now enjoy a show whilst sipping a cup of our delicious tea – as if you needed another reason to visit!
theatre 2

Pete Tate and Anthony Biggs are the co-artistic directors of this fabulous theatre, working together with the aspiration to program and develop an electric season that will engage different communities. Formerly a bus depot, The Playground Theatre then became a creative space for artists to experiment and play with ideas, a project funded by the Council of Arts as well as several charities.

theatre 3

Now a public theatre, it is located in a diverse community, with their work reflecting this. Many amazing projects have taken place at The Playground Theatre, such as ‘Terrific Electric’, an award winning production. Several well-known artists have also performed here, and Saliys Varnus (the current head of the National Theatre) has also worked with the organisation. The theatre program includes modern plays, classical concerts, film and dance – something for everyone!

When approached by The Playground Theatre, we were of course excited, as well as honoured and humbled for our tea to become part of the audience experience. So, don’t forget to pop down and get involved, learn about different forms of art in different disciplines, and enjoy a cup of Kettleshed tea!

theatre 4

The Playground Theatre and Cafe 8,
Latimer Industrial Estate,
Latimer Road,
London W10 6RQ