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All Aboard!

All aboard Cakes and Ladders for fun and games with a Kettle Shed cuppa! Here at the Kettle Shed we love originality, as you can tell by many of our fabulous flavours, so we are very happy to be partnering with Cakes and Ladders cafe as their new tea supplier.

Cakes and Ladders is a situated on board a traditional red London double decker bus which is permanently located at Blue House Yard, River Park Road, North London. Stacked high with 500 different board games for customers to enjoy.

The Kettle Shed really resonate with the cafe as being a hub for the community, as an enterprise that helps bring people together through board gaming culture.  Cakes and Ladders run regular board game for well-being sessions for people living in the community using mental health services, to promote positive well-being and reduce isolation.

This is especially in alignment with our #GiveACup ethos, a campaign at the heart of Kettle Shed which sees the donation of tea to homeless shelters across the UK; many people sleeping rough experience poor mental health.

Cakes and Ladders believe in good quality local food and drink and use local farms and organisations for as much of their products as possible. Such as beautiful blends from the Kettle Shed. Enjoy with cake and much more!




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