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5 health benefits of drinking green tea! Boost your immune system…

There are so many reasons why green tea has been an important part of Eastern culture for centuries. The drink is rich in many antioxidants and nutrients that provide innumerable benefits to the body. The most important are strengthening the immune system and thus preventing disease. So we want to give you 5 health benefits of drinking green tea.

It was also discovered that green tea does its bit if you want to lose a few pounds. It is also a strong ally against chronic diseases such as cancer. Do you know all the health benefits of green tea? In this article we explain five advantages of green tea that you may never have heard of. They will undoubtedly convince you to have a regular cup of green tea.

  1. Green tea is rich in antioxidants
    Antioxidants are chemical compounds present in our food. They ensure that bad chemicals cannot cause damage in the body. You can find them in large quantities in green tea. This makes this drink extremely suitable for fighting chronic diseases. And did you know that you can even combat skin aging by choosing green tea instead of that cup of coffee after lunch?
  2. Reduce the risk of cancer
    Some studies have shown that green tea can play a role in the prevention of serious diseases such as various types of cancer. A study conducted at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, found that the antioxidants in green tea significantly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Another study published that the risk of lung cancer is also reduced by 18% if you are used to drinking green tea.
  3. Green tea promotes the health of your liver
    In the liver, waste products are filtered out of the blood stream that are harmful to the other organs in the body. However, if these waste products accumulate in the liver, they can still have a negative influence on your health. Drinking a cup of tea every day cleans the liver and prevents toxins from blocking it.
  4. It promotes fat burning, making you lose weight faster
    Studies have also shown that drinking green tea prevents obesity. It also has a supportive effect if you want to follow a diet. Research has shown that the oxidation of fat in the body is stopped. As a result, the participants in the study lost a lot of weight in a period of three months. It stimulates the metabolism, so calories are burned faster and are not given the chance to be converted into fat cells. Avoiding too much body weight also means less strain on the heart, which again improves the health of the heart.
  5. It makes your teeth stronger
    Traditional Chinese medicine uses the tea to treat infections of the oral cavity. This gives bacteria the chance not to attack the teeth. You will also be less likely to be plagued by halitosis or bad smelling breath.

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