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Find us at The Cheese Court deli!

Today we are happy to introduce The Cheese Court deli to The Kettle Shed. They are an independent cheese shop located in the center of Urmston. Besides offering small-batch cheeses, they also have a large selection in fine wines and charcuterie, with many gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options to suite every taste.

A cheesy way of life

Cheese is a primal product, a natural basic product that has existed since before Christ. Even the Romans took a piece of Pecorino (Italian sheep’s cheese) into battle. Moreover, we live in a society in which we pay more and more attention to healthy and local food and artisanal products. Cheese fits in perfectly.

The difference between industrial and artisan cheese

Pasteurized milk is milk that is very quickly heated to 72°C and then quickly cooled down again to a temperature of 32°C. In this way, most bacteria, both good and bad, are killed. Industrial cheeses, or most cheeses from the supermarket, are made on the basis of standardized, pasteurized milk. They have the same fat content all year round and the quality remains unchanged. Unlike pasteurized milk, raw milk cheese is made from, as the word goes, raw milk. This milk is heated to a maximum of 32°C and retains the good bacteria. Today, hygiene standards on the farm are so high that the quality of cheeses made from raw milk are very high. 

“Great atmosphere, classy, unique and breath of fresh air for Urmston! It’s a cheese lovers paradise, obvs! Coffee was good, but be cheeky and treat yourselves to a bottle of something, their selection fits all tastes ~ connoisseurs to those who just want to wet the whistle.” Tom, Customer

Relax time

The Cheese Court deli is open until 8pm every Friday and Saturday making the perfect post-work or pre-dinner drinks hotspot. Go visit them for a taste of their artisan cheeses and other nice things. What are you waiting for?

Address: 18 Crofts Bank Road, Urmston M41 0TS

Facebook: @thecheesecourtofficial

Call: +44 161 755 3898

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