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Helping yogi’s unwind even further with a cup of our delicious tea, is the Kettle Shed’s new partnership with yoga studio FLY London.  We are delighted they are our newest stockist.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea
Fiona – Head of Yoga

As we know, Yoga synchronises breath and body and helps to create energy, which in turn increases overall health and wellbeing.

Fly London offer a variety of classes with this in mind and have been created by some of the best talents in the yoga world.

Mental Health Awareness week has highlighted how taking care of your mind alongside the body and spirit is vitally important.

At the Kettle Shed we stock teas to help you do just that.  Unwinding over a hot cup of tea is soothing for the soul –

Here are two of our most beneficial tea’s for supporting the mind and the body.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea

Sleepy head is a floral infusion designed to relax the body and mind. Gentle, soothing chamomile with hints of honey sweetness and paired with tangy elderflower and fragrant lavender. Traditionally used to ease stress and insomnia, this tea imparts a moment of repose.

Drink by boiling freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and enjoy without milk. Parcelled in our special loose-leaf Fuso bags which are biodegradable, our mesh infusers are the perfect size to let whole leaf tea expand, releasing those delicious flavours for your delectation.


Matcha, which is occasionally spelled ‘Maccha’, is a finely ground green tea synonymous with the Japanese Tea Ceremony known as ‘Chado’.

As the most potent of green teas (at around fifteen times the strength of its counterparts), it was originally reserved for Japanese royalty and religious dignitaries. However, thanks to its fantastic antioxidant properties, it has become increasingly popular amongst health-conscious Western tea drinkers. Some of the health benefits include energy boosts, calorie burning and an overall body detox.

Unlike most teas, this simultaneously sweet and astringent tea is best enjoyed by drinking with long sips. Its high dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals have been proven to significantly increase energy whilst avoiding the ‘crash’ associated with more caffeinated beverages, making it both a perfect start to the day or an antidote to post-lunch lethargy.

Yoga Studio Matcha Tea Sleepy Head Tea

An interesting and informative article by the Jupital explains further in depth the health benefits of Matcha green tea.




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