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Newton Farm Cafe and Gift Shop

Newton Farm is situated in the small, charming village of Newton St Loe near Bath.

Located in an original 18th century stone renovated cow barn, the Parlour Café sells locally sourced food wherever possible. Though constant custom keeps the kitchen busy, customer service is super friendly and personable.

Their Multi award winning family run Parlour Café serves a delicious Sunday breakfast and lunch, and an Afternoon Tea! The courtyard offers beautiful views across the Newton Park Estate where swallows glide gaily and a quaint pig pen lies nearby for visitors to pay visits to farmyard friends.

In use in their café are “For Life” Stump Teapots which are also stocked in the gift shop. The lovely little shop sells dairy, meat products, pantry condiments, fruit and vegetables, baked goods, alcohol, British flowers and home accessories.

The ‘For Life’ Stump tea pots are for long lasting tea times, they brew and strain loose tea leaves efficiently whilst remaining piping hot in the pot! Complete with hinged lid and heat proof handle, a bright ceramic and simple design sets a fun but minimalistic scene at any table.

Often crafted into ornamental artisan pieces, tea strainers are usually made from either china, stainless steel or silver. These vibrant pots and removable brewing baskets combine the modern with an age-old tea tradition.

By using a tea strainer, the same tea leaves can be used to brew multiple pots. An extra fine infuser enables the infusion from fine leaf teas to whole leaf teas. The teapot may also be used for teabags separately! Easy to stack, they also save lots of storage space, which is especially useful for the food service market. A great asset to any restaurant and home also. As is our great selection of loose leaf tea’s. Why not head on over to the Kettle Shed online shop to check out distinct and versatile flavours. We also stock an array of tea infusers !





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