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What is the difference between loose leaf & tea bags?

What is loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf are large loose tea leaves that are stored usually in a tea tin and then served in one of our tea infusers. You can choose how little or how much tea you would like in your drink.

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What are Fuso tea bags?

Fuso tea bags are triangular type tea bags. The triangular or pyramid shape improves the liquidity of the tea leaves when they come in contact with hot water and allow for prompt extraction, which means stronger tastier tea! A benefit of our fuso tea bags is that they are biodegradable, which means they are capable of being decomposed by the action of biological agents, especially bacteria. Material that, left to itself, will be decomposed by natural processes. Note: The use of biodegradable packaging is supposed to reduce the volume of waste in landfills. So, each time you buy tea online in the UK from us you are helping the environment rather than buying from standard supermarket vendors where their tea bags result in them clogging up landfill!

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In actual fact, there is not a lot of difference between our loose leaf tea and our fuso bags as we pick the highest quality tea leaves and ingredients so in both instances you get big tasty tea leaves. The only difference is, with loose leaf you can choose exactly how much tea you require and add it to one of our infusers yourself rather than us adding the tea to our fuso tea bags. Both fuso tea bags and loose leaf tea comes in 6 different forms of tea.

Green Tea

White Tea

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

Fruit Tea

Herbal Tea

Matcha tea

The main thing to consider is, if you want a slightly fuller tastier tea and have a bit more time to pick bigger leaves out of your container and give loose leaf tea a chance to steep for a few extra minutes, then loose leaf is the way forward. If you want a quicker brew then fuso tea bags is the one for you! Coming up soon on the blog, we are going to go deep into a real issue regarding quality of tea in the UK tea world.



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