As we said in our last blog about ‘The Difference between our Fuso tea bags & loose leaf tea’ we are going to go in to detail about our fuso tea bags and the difference between ‘bog standard supermarket tea bags’

We hope this blog really highlights the point of buying tea online from us, the health benefits, how it is environmentally friends, cost effective and an all-round better choice!

Let’s start with supermarket tea. The loose tea in a generic supermarket brand tea bag is generally smaller or broken leaves and in very cheap tea bags that is practically a powder. This leads to loose tea leaves becoming broken or crushed, when this happens the essential oils in the leaf, which give the flavour to tea, are destroyed. Which generally means a tasteless average cup of tea.

Our mesh infusers are the perfect size to let your

whole-leaf tea expand, releasing those delicious flavours,  which means a better rounded tea

Our fuso bags also help the environment as they are biodegradable so don’t swamp waste fills like our lower quality friends at the supermarket do.

The good points of buying tea online from us:

– Fuller tea leaves rather than powder, so you get more for your money in each tea bag.

– A mesh triangular fuso tea bag means more room for the leaves to

expand for a better, stronger tasting tea.

– Bio degradable fuso bag means great for the environment.

– Each box of our fuso bags bought equals a  cup of tea donated to UK homeless charities.

We hope this has highlighted the major benefits of buying tea from us, have a look at our full range here at or follow us on social media.

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