We are please to announce that our tea just got a little bit Ugli…  yes Ugli and not Ugly 🙂

Our tea is now stocked at Ugli Cafe that is situated on Ugli Campus, 56 Wood Lane, London W12 7SB which is just across from the old BBC Studios.

The cafe is in the heart of Ugli Campus that is a creative space for business to get use of resources they may not have the chance or funds to use anywhere else, it’s philosophy is collaboration and smart use of resources for the future of successful businesses. The cafe is in the heart of that where a vast range of different business can go down and have there lunch or just for a tea break and is social place for them all to go.

FullSizeRender (6)The cafe was recently bought out by Alan and he has already to started to make some big changes, it is already a massive hit in the campus and for people around the area to pop in. Alan was in hospitality for 15 years but always had a dream of setting up his own cafe, his philosophy is to do everything that the corporate chain cafes aren’t doing, he wants all his produce locally and ethically sourced and everything he buys is from independent traders.

We’re so pleased that we have been given the chance to be able to showcase our tea in such an inspiring and diverse setting. Remember we really do GIVE A CUP!

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