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Introducing our very own Princess Charlotte (Cheeky Charlie)

So after many weeks of speculation it has finally been revealed…

The Royal Princess’s name is Charlotte! This has inspired us to do a blog on our amazing Cheeky Charlie Tea!

The origins of our Cheeky Charlie tea name were inspired by The Tea Lady’s very own princess, her daughter Charlotte (pictured below)!


All about the Cheeky Charlie Blend: A crisp and sweet blend of light Chinese green tea, green apple, lemon verbena and lime leaves. Bursting with freshness and zesty citrus notes. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and thought to have powerful rejuvenating effects, making a cup of this green brew a bountiful treat indeed.


So if you fancy a “A green tea blend with apple lime flavour , uniquely blended by us…” then get on to now and try a box and have a cup for the next possible Queen of England! Also a perfect blend for a summer drink!

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The Kettle Shed Tea Company, London

Written by John Mojsa.

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