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Give Your Guests A Cuppa To Remember

Tea and coffee – in the Kettleshed‘s opinion – is a key element to any overnight stay, whether that be in a swanky five-star hotel room, cosy glamping pod or unique apartment. And whether guests have spent a long day travelling to their destination, shopping, or even catching up on zzzs, having the opportunity to pop the kettle on in the comfort of your own room is nothing short of an absolute necessity. But what makes a great hotel room cuppa? What brands are on offer? And why? Here at the Kettleshed, we decided to do a little digging …

We spoke to the owner of Hill Farm and Orchard, Susan Nash, who informed me that her and co-owner Tom decided to stock their wigwams and glamping pods with a state of the art coffee machine and Nespresso pods as well as an assortment of teas. These vary from herbal, green and regular breakfast flavours, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The reasons for this? As  Susan stated “It’s nice for people to be able to sit down and enjoy a good cup of tea in the comfort of their wigwam, and we like to provide variety to suit everyone’s needs.”

Based at the edge of Buckinghamshire, Hill Farm and Orchard offer luxury glamping accommodation (one even has a jacuzzi!) in a beautiful, serene landscape at very reasonable prices. To learn more click here.


Further afield in Cornwall lies the beautifully restored seaside houses known as Antionia’s Pearls. Speaking to the wonderful Antonia herself, she informed us that her choice of organic teas and coffees gives her a chance to showcase how carefully she  chooses products for the benefit of her guests.

She also added that “I’d like my guests to feel as though they are the first person to ever stay” and prides herself on the quality of all aspects of her seaside homes.

Based in Charlestown, Antionia’s Pearls offer luxury in absolute privacy, with spa and gourmet dining options available too – very fancy! To learn more about their range of accommodations and prices click here

We also contacted a few of the better known hotels in London and found that they tend to only stock a range of teas and coffees that are mostly from the bigger, named brands with their choices being because of convenience and price, with basic flavours such as Breakfast and Earl Grey. One of the hotels which took a different approach and actually stocked a lesser mainstream brand was Ampersand Hotel which their guests very much appreciated.

This came as a bit of a surprise to us – surely a hotel would want their guests to have a unique, relaxing experience when visiting? And surely that means supplying delicious and out-of-the-ordinary tea and coffee? As a brand, Kettleshed is a perfect and unique addition to any style of accommodation, whether it be soft and luxurious, rustic and outdoorsy, or even themed! Both  our loose leaf  and tea pyramids  are healthy and delicious and being able to offer loose leaf tea and biodegradable tea pyramids as opposed to run-of-the-mill teabags gives an edge to an accommodation and adds a memorable touch for the guests.

Loose leaf tea has grown immensely in popularity in the UK in the past few decades and has always been popular worldwide, particularly in places such as China and Japan. The environmentally conscious guest will appreciate our biodegradable tea pyramids as well and the fact that all of the Kettleshed’s exterior packaging is made from recycled cardboard. As a smaller, London-based brand, the Kettleshed’s quality loose leaf tea would add a luxurious and well-thought touch to a London hotel, or indeed any accommodation anywhere in the UKBLOG_PIC_TEST2

‘ You need to offer the room amenities that matter most to travellers, and they need to be Top Quality’ – Trivago, Hotel Managers Blog, April 2017

We couldn’t agree more with the Trivago blog! With tea being the second most frequently consumed beverage worldwide, it is of upmost importance that hoteliers choice of tea and coffee for their rooms and restaurants stand out from the crowd and impress their guests. If you are looking for a new tea supplier, our quality loose leaf tea is the perfect option.

For further details on our range please contact us below.

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