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Earl Grey Tea & what it can do for you!

Tea drinkers across the country will be familiar with Earl Grey tea and it may even be your own choice of cuppa? However you may not know the history behind the cup and the extraordinary health benefits it can bring to you! We will go through below how it could give you an extra health kick.

Who or what is Earl Grey?

The tea was named after Earl Charles Grey who was the English Prime Minister and it is a tea with several health benefits due to presence of several biologically active compounds.


Camellia Sinensis is the tea plant which is the source of leaves for Earl Grey. It has different compounds which fall in the category of natural chemicals known as flavonols and flavonoids.

These leaves are dried as well as rolled in the production process which further promotes creation of other compounds such as thearubigins and theaflavins.

Most of these compounds are excellent antioxidants which work in various problems ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer.

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits of drinking Earl Grey tea such as:

1) Heart Problems: In a comprehensive study it was found that drinking about 3 cups of Earl Grey on a daily basis helps to reduce risk of heart diseases. The study found the triglyceride levels in the blood reduced considerably and HDL increased in people who were drinking this tea.

2) Reducing Stress: It is able to reduce cortisol (which is a stress hormone) levels by as much as 45% and help drinkers feel a lot more relaxed. This was possible due to the sensory components present in the smell as well as flavor of Earl Grey.

3) Zero Calorie: Another strong point about it is that it is a zero calorie beverage and by even adding a teaspoon of sugar in it, it will still remain a very low calorie natural beverage. The other advantage for drinkers is that it keeps them hydrated and the potassium present in it assists in maintaining balance of body fluids.

4) Less Caffeine: It is also known to have less amount of caffeine in comparison to coffee. In studies it has been found that it has 14-61 mg of caffeine in every eight ounce cup which in case of coffee it is 95-200 mg.

So there you have it, FOUR reasons to significantly help your physical lifestyle.

This may have just been a good read for the day, it may have enlightened you on your favourite drink or even turned you into an avid Early Grey drinker, if so then have a look at our Epic Earl tea on Each time you buy a box of tea with us we will donate a tea bag to our local homeless shelter in Chiswick just like our motto say’s WE GIVE A CUP!

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Written by John Mojsa

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