The Kettle Shed takes a trip to Thailand (well sort of)!

We are so happy to announce that The Bedlington cafe are now stocking our tea alongside their beautiful Thai Food!


The Bedlington Cafe is located closely in the heart of Grove park at 24 Fauconberg Road London W4 3JY, serving a wide selection of authentic Thai cuisine and starting from today our range of Kettle Shed tea. The Bedlington provide delicious Thai food to eat in, take away or to be delivered. Thai cuisine is regarded by many people as one of the best in the world and at The Bedlington is no different as they serve extremely tasty dishes.

Begin your thai experience with a very tasty starter such as the Thai noodle soup or Thai burrito which is great for sharing or if you’re hungry, it’s great to wash it down with a fresh Jasmine Jewels green tea. Browse through the menu and you will see curry and traditional dishes plus rice and noodles too. Whatever your favourite may be, spicy or sweet we will for sure have a tea to go with it!!!


So if your in a mood for some tasty Thai food and want to drink some of our herbal tea with it make sure you check out The Bedlington at some point over the next few weeks!

I don’t know about you but tasty Thai food and a tantalising fruit tea is a match made in heaven.

And remember.. เรา ทำจริงๆ ให้ ถ้วย! (we really do give a cup!!)

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Written by John Mojsa (@simplysocialuk)

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