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The Kettle Shed visits a tea plantation!

At the end of December, a Kettle Shed dream came true. The Kettle Shed Tea Lady and Darcy Rae (who has her very own tea named after her, Darcy’s Delights!) visited a tea plantation and it was really rather magical.

Araksa Tea Plantation

The Araksa Tea Plantation in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a small and beautiful plantation on a hill. It produces stunning tea leaves called, Camellia sinensis. There are two types of Camellia sinensis: sinensis for Chinese teas, and assamica for Indian Assam teas. The assamica leaves are used to make the well known Assam tea, which is a black tea named after the largest tea growing region in India. At Araksa Tea Plantation, they grow assamica leaves.

tea leavesWe wanted to get the full experience, so we went on the 2 hour tour of the plantation. It was very hands on as the incredible tour guides showed us the entire tea process from picking to producing tea leaves ready to drink.

plucking tea leaves

Excited to get started, the resident plucker lead us to the tea leaves, where she showed us how to pluck. Walking among the tea plants, with bamboo cases on our backs, we gently picked the tea leaves, dreaming about owning our very own tea plantation.

araksa tea plantation

With our bamboo cases full, we headed back to the roasting station with our harvest where we weighed our pickings and were shown the next crucial steps to make our very own green tea.

weighing tea leaves

To make the green tea we all know and love, the leaves underwent a short withering process before we steamed them in a large pan, moving them around quickly to lock in the flavour and not over cook them.

steaming tea leaves

When the leaves had cooled, we then started rolling, pressing and twisting them with our hands. It was really therapeutic sitting in the plantation, listening to the birds singing and all rolling the tea together.

processing tea

rolling tea leaves

Unlike black tea, green tea does not undergo an oxidation process. To make black tea, the leaves are oxidised (which is often erroneously called ‘fermentation’). Leaf oxidisation, induced by controlled temperature and humidity, determines the quality of the tea, infusing the leaves with caffeine and causing them to darken.

green tea

araksa tea tins

After we had prepared the green tea leaves, we were then ready to do what we do best, brew a cup of the freshest tea! It tasted divine, even more so, knowing that we’d been a part of the entire tea leaf process!

drinking tea

If you are a tea fanatic or simply want to try something new, then we would encourage you to visit a tea plantation. We came away utterly inspired, motivated and eager to show you all how the process of tea is made. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to set up a Kettle Shed tea workshop!

tea leaves

Remember, at The Shed, we really do ‘Give A Cup’! Which is why every time you buy a box of tea, we donate tea directly to homeless shelters across the UK. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and our fuso tea bags are biodegradable so we don’t harm the planet.

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Kick start the new year and the new you with Matcha green tea!

Hands up. Who’s feeling like they over indulged this Christmas? Too much sherry and chocolates? Lots of sitting around watching films? We hear you! At The Kettle Shed, we’re certainly feeling like we ate too many mince pies but we know just the cure, Matcha Green Tea! It’s the perfect way to detox post Christmas and to give you and the new year a healthy kick start!


Health Benefits

But why is it so good? Well, as with any green tea, the drinker can expect to benefit from the wide range of antioxidants that come in every cup. But matcha tea is quite special when it comes to the levels of antioxidants. With approximately 15 times more antioxidants than most green teas, matcha is a super-strong toxin-killing tea that will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. This delicious and delightfully green tea has some great energy boosting properties that give you that burst you need to feel better and get on with your day. What’s more is this tea is an excellent calorie burner too, and that’s something most of us will want to make use of. Add the calorie burning effect on top of the energy boost, and it’s likely you’ll burn a few more calories than you would if you drank an energy drink.


match green tea


Matcha Tea Origins

Although matcha tea is considered to be a fairly new product in the western world, it has in fact been drunk in Japan for a very long time. Taken from China to Japan almost one thousand years ago, it is rumoured a Zen Monk by the name of Eisai brought the tea seeds to Japan. Since then, Zen Buddha’s have drunk matcha tea to help them focus while they meditate. As well as introducing matcha tea to Japan, Eisai also introduced some Zen philosophies, and some became intertwined with drinking this wonderful tea. Specific preparation and drinking rituals were undertaken in The Way of Tea, which was an important ceremony at that time.


How to drink it

Matcha tea cannot be drunk in the same way as other teas because of its flavour and antioxidant properties. To ensure you enjoy your cuppa perfectly, read the following instructions:

1. Warm your mug or cup with got water before pouring the water away. Make sure you also warm you utensils too as it will help to prevent the tea from cooling too quickly.

2. Add around 3 grams of matcha powder per 150 ml of water to you cup/mug.

3. Boil your water and allow it to cool slightly.

4. Add enough the hot water to your cup/mug to just cover the powder and whisk in a forwards and backwards motion so a paste is formed.

5. Add the remaining hot water and continue to stir the tea until you have a smooth and frothy consistency.

6. Make sure you visit our TV page for more ways to enjoy matcha tea.

Top Tip! When you drink this tea, you should ideally sip it, this will make sure you avoid the crash you would usually get with caffeinated drinks. Sipping the tea will also give you more time to enjoy the smooth velvety flavour that has an adorable leafy essence.

The Kettle Shed Matcha Green Tea is £30 + free postage throughout January.



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The Kettle Shed helps Rosy Rosie ‘Give A Cup’ !

A few weeks ago we were approached by a small startup business called Rosy Rosie about helping out with some goodie bags they were doing for charity, we were really excited to help out, we had a quick read through the company’s website and their values and ideas on handmade and ethical business and we knew that we were a match made in heaven. The bags were a great success and we would like to let you know a bit more about what the company is about and how the goodie bags went down!

Rosy Rosie was set up by Rowena, she set up the company a few years ago to sell ‘Good Stuff with Good Stories’ for Babies, Children & their Grown-ups. She also makes scented soy candles. Her three main values are #handmade #ethical #sustainable. Her story is this “As a parent, multiple Godparent and friend to lots of people with (lots of) children, I was always on the lookout for fun, funky, good quality and cost effective presents, my criteria always being ‘would I like to receive this?!’”


How the bag idea came about? We will let Rowena tell you that:

“Recently I was asked by a client (and old friend) to put together a Goodie Bag for a charity event he was organising. Initially, he was after some Rosy Rosie handmade scented soy wax candles to include; but after a quick chat around what else the bag could contain, I took on the job of supplying the whole bag; what fun I had and how lucky I am that I know so many brilliant small businesses and entrepreneurial artisans from all my events!”

We then got a call from Rowena asking if we would like to supply some of our tea to go in to the goodie bags, which of course we said yes too! As you can see in the image below they looked great!


So all in all it was a match made in heaven from the start, two local London companies that both were started on core values of family, enthusiasm, expertise and ethical business and best of all it was all to raise money for charity! Below are the links to Rowenas website please have a look through and see if there is anything of interest to you!

If you have any possible charity ideas please let us know and see if we can be of help!

Rosies Facebook: www.facebook.com/rosy.rosie.35?fref=ts
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Vote GREEN! (not the party MATCHA of course!)

Matcha – the revolution.

Forget about the politics, vote for Matcha!

The Matcha revolution is just around the corner! Gone are the days of coffee jitters!

We have all been there right? It gets to mid-morning and you start to hit ‘the wall’, so you have a coffee to try and replenish and kick your energy levels up a bit, straight away you feel that amazing rush of energy that then unfortunately as The Guardian says “it sends you to the moon, jittery and anxious, with your heart skittering?”you then severely crash and burn on average 5-10 minutes after you had that coffee and then are even more drowsy than you were before the coffee itself.

If this sounds like it happens to you or even if you are just looking to get a bit of natural jitter free energy then our Kettle Shed Matcha Powder is the way forward. Matcha is finely milled or fine powder green tea. The Japanese tea ceremony centres on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha.

So what set’s Matcha apart from coffee?

Coffee can be addictive. It requires you to drink more and more to get the same “high” and eventually is needed just to feel “normal.” It can cause headaches, exhaustion, and other biological signs of withdrawal symptoms whereas….

Matcha contains L-Theanine that has a calming, relaxing effect and slows the release of tea-caffeine. Which means you get the same amount of energy input but spread out so there is no jitters and you get a natural energy booster that sticks around for alot longer! Here are a few extra facts on the positives of Matcha:

– Matcha provides 34mg of caffeine – but its effect lasts longer than a coffee’s 60mg.

– Matcha contains higher levels of antioxidants per gram than goji berries, dark chocolate, pecans, acai berries and even spinach. It also can be used as a sliming aid & makes you’re body wake up.

Japanese Zen Buddhist monks have been using matcha as a meditational drink for over 800 years through tea ceremonies and more recently westerners have been tapping into the superfood too.

We asked one of our staff that swapped their daily cups of coffee for matcha and this is what they said: “Even after my first Kettle Shed matcha ‘shot’ of the day I am pleasantly surprised by the caffeine kick and feel alert without any kind of edginess or anxiety that sometimes comes with a strong coffee.”

So how is Matcha different to normal green tea??

If you compare that to what you’d get from a tea bag – one bowl of matcha is equivalent to approximately 10 cups of regular green tea. That is because matcha powder uses the entire green tea leaf, instead of just dipping the leaf in hot water which provides only around 10% of the plant’s nutrients. It is also 15 times stronger than one green tea bag.

Matcha is simple to make and can be drank in a variety of ways such as a tea, expresso mixed with normal juice & can also be put in recipes such as White Chocolate cookies or white hot chocolate.

We put recipes up every few weeks so look out for them on our Social Media pages all can be found below, check on our website www.thekettleshed.com for more info on matcha.

And remember ask us any time for any questions on certain types of tea we are happy to answer, WE GIVE A CUP!

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Written by John Mojsa.