Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

Zoe sips Sencha in style

Zoe sips Sencha in style

Every now and then we leave the dim recesses of the Shed and sally forth to plush hotels where the tea is always greener. Zoe checked out the green tea on offer at the Dorchester and wow! Although they left the leaves steeped in the pot in each case, which meant that the second cup came out a tad stewed. Nevertheless we give the Dorchester a sublime Shed score of 8/10 for sheer opulence and nice cakes.

3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

  1. John Calligan

    Sounds like you had a spiffing time of it. Bet their green tea couldn’t hold a candle to The Kettle Shed’s finest. Hope those leaves are on the post my dear ciao xxx JohnBoy


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